The NRA— Credible Nonprofit Organization Or Dangerous Cult?

Feb 16, 2018

Another mass shooting. At a high school. Students who woke up that morning, rolled out of bed and showed up at school ready for the history exam, or a little late because they couldn’t decide what outfit to wear, or dreadfully nervous to finally ask that girl out. Students who had an entire life before them, bright and starry eyed, wanting to fall in love, and travel the world, and experience…everything. And then in one instant, one more shooting to add to the growing list of American massacres, all of that hope, the anticipation, the eagerness, becomes total darkness. That relentless darkness that no sane person wishes on a teenage mind.

If we look at the statistics, we see that countries with no guns, have no gun violence, and countries with no guns, have far less violence in general. Yes, there is the occasional knife attack that I feel I must address, though it feels so absurd to address, in effort to respond to the thousands of American gun bearers who are quick to list the many, many household items, poisons and metal objects that can be used as weaponry in the right circumstance. But how many mass knifings have you heard of lately?

It’s not feasible to take away all the guns. At this point, they’re in too many hands, too many radical, irrational and brutal hands. What is feasible is intensely regulating them from this point on, and making it illegal, from this point on, to own any assault weapon capable of mowing down dozens of students on a high school campus before they have time to run away. For what other purpose would someone require a gun like that?


 The fact that the NRA still retains any political influence is only telling of how easily led and manipulatable the human species is. The NRA is nothing more than a cult. A cult we should consider very dangerous. One that spends a great sum of money trying to convince the masses that owning guns is fun, safe and our most fundamental American right. Consider, for a moment, that 100 million Americans, that’s almost a third of all Americans, think that the 2nd amendment is our most precious right. How catastrophically warped is that? The NRA and its followers are still under the illusion that if ever there comes a time when civilians must rise up against a tyrannical government, something the founding fathers who wrote the constitution were once concerned about, guns would prove useful even today. Against all the heavy artillery, tanks…and well, bombs, that those earlier presidents didn’t quite have access to.

Thank you, Donald Trump, and all politicians, really, for sending out your prayers to the victims and their families during this great tragedy. I’m sure your praying will ward off any other mass shootings for at least a couple of months, until God once again forgets, as he so frequently does. 

Designed by Chelsea Jewell

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